BUH Energie Resources is a premier international engineering company focused on the frontier. Corrosion control can protect storage tanks, the environment, and the bottom line of owners and operators. It must be integral parts of a storage tank owner/operator's long term planning. Tank owner support of corrosion control is vital, but comprises only half of the solution. Long-term planning for corrosion control must include ongoing education and training for persons responsible for operating tank systems. Those individuals must be able to recognize the early signs of corrosion and prevent it effectively. Owners and operators must also dedicate the resources required to monitor and maintain these corrosion protection systems to ensure the effective protection of the environment and their economic interests. BUH Energie Resources combines historically proven methods with state-of-the-art technology to prevent tanks from deteriorating. Corrosion-control strategies are used individually or in combination with one another. Common strategies include corrosion-resistant materials, application of coatings and/or linings as a barrier to the environment, various forms of cathodic protection to prevent deterioration of tank components in contact with the soil, and use of inhibiting chemicals in stored substances to control corrosion of the tank interior. Above- and below-ground storage tanks could leak hazardous substances into the environment that contaminate our soil and water. Often, corrosion is to blame. However, corrosion is not a mystery—we know how to prevent it and how to control it. We will cost-effectively protect the environment while saving billions of dollars each year by implementing comprehensive corrosion control for storage tanks.