BUH Energie Resources specialises in providing clients with an overall picture of the condition of a client's assets, and how they are performing against ongoing corrosion propagation. The corrosion management overview (CMO) is a "snapshot in time" of the condition of operating plant assets, with identification of the severity and extent of corrosion, and is often the first stage of an overall asset integrity management approach. The more detailed corrosion management audit (CMA) is a measurement tool for maintenance and production management to assess the current condition of assets, which assets need to be attended to and in what priority. The client's priorities are summarised in the form of a high-level criticality table, which estimates the probability of failure based on the type of corrosion damage occurring on site. The criticality table can be used to assist with maintenance planning and budgeting. Management of corrosion risk is mitigated by implementation of a corrosion monitoring and inspection programme, as well as the following mitigation techniques: protective coatings, cathodic protection, chemical inhibition and correct material selection.